A Ready Response to Your Immediate Needs

Unplanned outages are critical situations where hours count. It's not the time or place for the inexperienced.

Support At the Critical Time
When your generator is off-line and the clock is ticking on lost revenues, response time is critical. NEC recognizes this and has developed a specialized response team equipped with the key resources needed to facilitate a rapid response to demanding situations where time and an effective solution are vital.

Support by the Very Best Generator Professionals
We have a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians with years of industry experience doing just this — rapid repair to downed equipment. Our Generator Services Group is ready to be deployed to your site and/or we can make expedited arrangements to get the unit into our service facility.

Support - Well-Prepared
Our experienced team brings the right combinations of experience, skill sets and diagnostic equipment to make the analysis and repair as effectual as possible. We implement a specialized portfolio of visual inspections, electrical and mechanical tests, coupled with testing data and photo documentation. All of this, coupled with the NEC Data and Field Notes Resource, provides real-world insight in recommending the best repair solutions for getting your unit back into operation.

Support - Well-Executed
On site or at our facility, we field a team with unmatched industry experience and resources that can achieve a rapid solution and while achieving quality results. The NEC Generator Services Group is another key element in our focus in being the best high voltage generator solution provider in the world.

emergency outages

A negative sequence event or generator motorization can leave a unit significantly damaged. With the clock ticking on lost revenues, our goal is to get trained technicians and engineers to your unit with the right testing equipment as quickly as possible. That can mean traveling to your unit's location or making expedited arrangements to get the unit into our service facility.

To get assistance with your emergency, please contact your assigned service manager, or if you do not already have an assigned service manager, use our contact form.

Keep in mind that the more information you can give us about the failure, the better-equipped we are to recommend the the best repair options for getting your unit back into operation quickly within your budget. Don't forget to include:

  • Machine nameplate information
  • Details of the failure
  • Photographs of the failure site/s
  • Your complete contact details
  • Your project role
  • Phone number
  • Email
Inspection & Testing Services
NEC's Inspection & Testing Services are available to owner's needing specialists to supplement their own workforce during outages or to assist them in troubleshooting a machine failure. Depending on the specific project's needs, these services may be provided by technicians of our Generator Services Group in conjunction with engineers from our Technical Services Group. Read more about Failure Modes and our services for Inspections & Testing.
Capabilities for Major Overhauls
Major generator overhaul projects may require rewinds of generator stators and rotors to run on parallel schedules. Because of the unique manufacturing and capabilities found at each of its factory sites, NEC can easily support projects of this complexity.
Project Management
NEC's Project Management Group provides comprehensive coordination necessary for the most complex projects. As the owner's primary contact throughout the project, our project managers keep their eyes on project schedules and budgets, interfacing with NEC's manufacturing and service units, as well as key interfaces with other contractors and sub-contractors at the owner's site.