Outage Support Services

NEC offers both an "independent perspective" AND a Total Generator Solution for any generator outage!

Outages are major events at any power plant. Our full range of services are designed to anticipate any generator outage need, from inspections, testing, and basic cleaning to troubleshooting failures, to complete generator overhauls. Large or small, your outage is important to us!

Our Technical Services Group provides engineering guidance throughout any project. This team of engineers is both experienced with and knowledgeable of almost any generator large or small, of modern or historic designs. They provide design studies and reports that will provide owners with options that will assist them planning and budgeting their outages. During the course of a project, their technical expertise in evaluating and addressing any emerging technical issues is available to entire project team, including the owner's project engineers and decision-makers.

Our Project Management Team plays an important role in coordinating the involvement of the many NEC assets that a generator owner may need during an outage, large or small.

Manufacturing Capabilities for both stator and rotor windings provide additional support to your outage schedule and budget needs. The ability to make any type of winding offers our customers value unmatched by others. Additionally, our ability to make or customize component parts for the units we work on cuts lead times and shortens outage schedules.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul services, offered at our Rotating Equipment Service Facility or at your site by our Generator Services Group, provide you with experienced and knowledgeable technicians. And more than once NEC has been called upon to assist an owner in devising a repair that will keep a machine running safety until a planned outage can be scheduled.

Inspection & Testing Services
NEC's Inspection & Testing Services are available to owner's needing specialists to supplement their own workforce during outages or to assist them in troubleshooting a machine failure. Depending on the specific project's needs, these services may be provided by technicians of our Generator Services Group in conjunction with engineers from our Technical Services Group. Read more about Failure Modes and our services for Inspections & Testing.
Capabilities for Major Overhauls
Major generator overhaul projects may require rewinds of generator stators and rotors to run on parallel schedules. Because of the unique manufacturing and capabilities found at each of its factory sites, NEC can easily support projects of this complexity. MORE
Project Management
NEC's Project Management Group provides comprehensive coordination necessary for the most complex projects. As the owner's primary contact throughout the project, our project managers keep their eyes on project schedules and budgets, interfacing with NEC's manufacturing and service units, as well as key interfaces with other contractors and sub-contractors at the owner's site.