NEC: the Best Generator Solution!

We are solely-focused on being the best high-voltage generator solution provider in the world.
Our customers come first!

We are the leading independent, high-voltage generator solution provider. At National Electric Coil, solutions for high-voltage generator projects are all that we do. We are first and foremost the most complete generator stator and rotor coil manufacturer and service provider in the world. We have no other industries, companies or technical distractions unrelated to our focus on providing our customers with a Total Generator Solution.

Focus is how and why we became the best and the reason we remain the best. Our infrastructure, engineering practices and equipment are unmatched by any other independent in the world. While we do possess world-class technical capabilities, we still remain the generator specialist that takes great pride in putting the customer first. We’ve been doing this for almost a century, and we are solely focused on being the best high-voltage generator solution provider in the world.

A Commitment to Customers Drives Us!
Our commitment to our customers starts and ends with understanding and addressing their needs and priorities!
A Commitment to Quality Guides Us!
We are proud of our ISO 9001-certified quality management systems and are focused on achieving our number one goal: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
The Ability to Perform Leads Us!
Performance is about being RIGHT: the right resources, the right people and the right product at your site to do the job RIGHT!