Overview of National Electric Coil

NEC's Total Generator Solution put's its comprehensive resources to work for your project!

Corporate Statistics

  • Founded in 1917
  • 37,000+ square meters (400,000 square feet) of service & manufacturing areas
  • Independent ownership

Technical Capabilities

  • Full-service engineering design supported by a proficient, well-trained workforce
  • Equipment and facilities for all types of machine uprates, redesigns, alterations and repairs
  • Capability to design replacement coils/bars based on surface geometry for:
    • Any OEM, any unit size, type or make
    • Stators:
      • Conventionally-cooled (bars and multi-turn coils)
      • Water-cooled and inner gas-cooled bars
    • Rotors:
      • Conventionally- and inner-cooled rotor windings
      • Copper or aluminum
  • On-going development of improved high-voltage insulation systems

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Stator (Brownsville) and rotor (Columbus) windings:
    • Any OEM, any unit size or type
    • Fossil or hydro units
    • 10,000+ annual coil/bar throughput
  • CAD-based design-to-manufacture system
  • ISO-9001:2008 quality management systems
  • Specialized large machine design programs for designing and analyzing:
    • Precise coil/bar fit, including end turn clearances
    • End turn vibration support systems

Service Facilities & Resources

  • On-site service facilities:
    • Rotating Equipment Service Facility for rewinds and repairs, including high-speed balance pit with running electrical testing capabilities
    • Service bays for transportable generators, exciters and high-voltage motors
    • Facility for hydro rotor field and other salient rotor pole refurbishments and repairs
  • Generator Services Group with skilled trade resources for both fossil and hydro generator units:
    • Rewinds, winding and lamination repairs and rewedges
    • Inspections & testing and general troubleshooting, including vibration issues