The Right People for the Job

Our engineers are passionate about what they do. They live and breathe GENERATORS.

National Electric Coil’s engineers and technical staff bring the perfect balance of skills and experience to bear on any generator project. NEC Generator Services Group™ personnel are ready to respond to any generator design or engineering issue that can arise during a generator repair or retrofit project.

While the individual backgrounds of our engineers and technicians vary, many began their careers at OEMs or worked for major utilities, or both, before coming to NEC. Many of our functional area managers and senior management are engineers and have made significant professional contributions to the power generation industry.

This balance of academic knowledge and industry experience gives our personnel a desirable wide-ranging base of experience with generating units of all ages, makes, sizes and types. If you need on-site service, we bring a seasoned and technically knowledgeable team that brings many decades of industry knowledge, perspective and insight.

The number of advanced degree engineering personnel, coupled with their generator experience is unrivaled by any other independent in the world. Our engineers are passionate about what they do. They live and breathe generators. Many are published and have been recognized internationally as experts in their specialties and sub-specialties. NEC engineers have been awarded over 50 patents.

Engineering Contributions to Industry

For decades, NEC engineers have contributed a steady stream of technical articles to industry conferences and publications. In an effort to raise the industry profile for generators and educate engineers about the importance of generators in the power plant, NEC offers its Online Technical Library at this site of technical bulletins (see tabs on SESs and TMMs below) that discuss various aspects of generator repair and maintenance. NEC also is the founding sponsor of the International Generator Technical Community (IGTC), an online engineering technical discussion forum serving the worldwide generator community (see IGTC tab below). Personnel with a lifetime of industry focus is
our commitment to being the world’s best generator solutions provider.

NEC personnel are actively engaged with industry organizations, serving on committees and participating at special events including:

  • International Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE)
  • Electric Power Research Institute
  • Program committees and peer reviews for various major industry events
  • Technical articles on generators appearing in industry publications and journals
  • Educational workshops and presentations to various industry groups
  • Volunteering their personal time and technical expertise to technical forums, panels and discussion groups

International Generator Technical Community (IGTC)
Engineers can participate in the worldwide generator forum, as well as access the Community's IGTC Resource Center with its "Generator Evaluation Memos" and other generator-oriented information for both turbo- and hydro-generators.
"Top Ten Reasons Generators Fail" Engineer's Flip-Books
These handy spiral bound notebooks fit in a shirt pocket for easy field reference, available for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Contact your NEC Service Manager for more information.
Specialized Engineering Solutions™ (SESs)
NEC's SESs address our engineered solutions for known generator problems and failure modes. Visit our online library.
Technical Maintenance Memos™ (TMMs)
NEC's TMMs offer recommendations and tips for improving your generator maintenance practices in specific areas. Visit our online library.