Hydrogenerator Capabilities

In additional to winding manufacture, NEC provides a full range of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for any era's hydrogenerator!


  • Stator winding manufacture
  • Testing, inspections and life assessments
  • Stator Rewinds
  • Core Restacks and Repairs, Partial or Complete
  • Parallel Ring Modifications
  • Main-Neutral Interchanges
  • Rewedges, Wedge Tightening
  • Through Bolt Retightening & Hardware Replacements
  • Calculation of performances, parameters, losses, efficiency
  • Heating and ventilation studies
  • Field testing for confirmation of performance parameters
  • Full redesign of generator stator core
  • Analysis / redesign of stator frame
  • Calculations of stresses at normal and run-a-way speeds

Salient Pole Rotors

  • Rotor winding manufacture
  • Testing, inspections and life assessments
  • Spider repairs and re-qualifications
  • Field Pole repairs, refurbishments or replacement with new
  • Rotor components electrical testing
  • New pole pieces and pole keys
  • New revolving field coils – wire wound, edge bent or fabricated
  • Collector rings, fans, ventilation.
  • Bearing repairs
  • Manufacturing and NDE of rim and spider.
  • Frequency conversion projects.
  • Redesign of hydrogenerator spider, pole pieces, field winding
  • Non-destructive examinations of generator rotor components and shaft forgings
  • Dimensional checking of generator rotor components, interference fits.
  • Improvements of design and performance of pole-pole connectors