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Ask about NEC's Data Banking Services

Large generators and high-voltage motors are complex machines each running in unique operating conditions with high demands for reliability and efficiency. Machines of this type require an engineered winding product manufactured especially for your machine. For this reason, there is a minimum amount of machine data that is needed to provide you with a quote and detailed measurement will need to be taken of your machine prior to manufacturing. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about your machine's requirements. Please contact us anytime (24/7), 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Howard Moudy

For units located in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean:
Email HOWARD MOUDY, Director of Service Management, or call him directly at +1 724-787-4967.

Stephen Jeney

For units located in Mexico, Central and South America; Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific:
Email STEPHEN JENEY, Vice President Marketing & Sales, or call him directly at +1 614-488-1151 x105.


unplanned outages

A negative sequence event or generator motorization can leave a unit significantly damaged. With the clock ticking on lost revenues, our goal is to get trained technicians and engineers to your unit with the right testing equipment as quickly as possible. That can mean traveling to your unit's location or making expedited arrangements to get the unit into our service facility. To get assistance with your emergency, please contact:
Howard Moudy at +1 724-787-4967 or
Steve Jeney at +1 614-488-1151 x105
You can also email us. Please include machine nameplate information, details of the failure, and if at all possible, photographs, so we can recommend the the best repair options for getting your unit back into operation within your budget. Don't forget to include your complete contact details, including project role, phone number and email.

planned outages

Generators owners can benefit from NEC’s Stator Winding Data Banking Service. When the OEM is the only holder of detailed winding data, owners may find themselves with few qualified bidders that can supply a quality replacement winding. With NEC’s Data Banking Service, owners can create a competitive bidding situation between the OEM and NEC. This service includes measurement of your stator winding so that new coils can be manufactured at any time in the future. It is available for all generator makes and models, from 1 MW to 1,000 MW, and typically, is available to owners at minimal or no cost, depending on the unit's location. MORE ABOUT DATA BANKING.