The NEC Difference

The NEC Difference: the best design, on the best schedule, at the best price.

National Electric Coil offers a Total Generator Solution, and the difference is quite simple between NEC and other companies that repair, retrofit or overhaul generators. Like the OEM, we have world-class resources for manufacturing, engineering and services. But unlike the OEMs, our focus is solely on generators and generator-related operational and maintenance issues. We are not distracted by new equipment sales or tied down by the constraints of LTSAs.

Like other independent service providers, we focus on a wide range of generator-specific services, from small repairs or testing, to rewinds and major overhauls. But unlike many other independents, not only do we have the ability to engineer and manufacture and install any type of stator or rotor winding, we also have the organizational size and resources that guarantees our ability to bond, staff and successfully complete a major contract. The NEC Difference means every opportunity is explored to give you the best machine design on an optimized schedule with a value-based budget. That's a Total Generator Solution!

The Customer Comes First!

When we say the customer is number one, you'll quickly discover — in every facet of the customer experience —
it's at the core of how we do business.

NEC is a customer-centric company, we believe that putting the customer's needs first is the key to a positive customer experience and a quality outcome. There is no better formula for customer satisfaction.

World-Class Engineering Capabilities

NEC's Technical Services Group leads our engineering efforts with an design philosophy that seeks the best solutions for our customers.
Technically-sound! Practical! Cost-effective!

Our engineering capabilities have been and remain an important part of our Total Generator Solution, and NEC has the ability to improve the output of an existing generator and make it more reliable and maintainable. These services include expert inspections and testing and services for winding installations, repairs and routine generator maintenance – all delivered with the right infrastructure, technical capabilities and personnel for the project.

A Commitment to Customers Drives Us!
Our commitment to our customers starts and ends with understanding and addressing their needs and priorities!
A Commitment to Quality Guides Us!
We are proud of our ISO 9001-certified quality management systems and are focused on achieving our number one goal: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
The Ability to Perform Leads Us!
Performance is about being RIGHT: the right resources, the right people and the right product at your site to do the job RIGHT!