Generator Failures — We Know Generators!

Generator failures require systematic analysis. It's no place for the inexperienced when every minute means lost revenues.

To the knowledgeable eye, a generator tells a detailed story through its failure about its design, maintenance and operation. For owners concerned about generator reliability, NEC continues to be a leading resource for unbiased evaluations of failure modes, remaining life analysis and recommendations for immediate repairs or future maintenance. Our Technical Services Group is comprised of mature engineers who guide our engineering and technical staff in data collection and evaluate the gathered body of data. Depending on the nature of the problem or the type or size of unit, we will quickly mobilize our skilled technicians to your site or arrange for the unit's shipment to our Columbus service facility. When NEC is called to inspect and test a unit, the resulting report will provide an owner with a solid understanding of the generator's condition and make recommendations that include realistic options for getting the unit online or repaired.

Inspection & Testing Services

Outage? Planned or unplanned, our Technical Services group can be a valuable tool. In an emergency, we can mobilize the right engineering and technical resources that will help you determine the best options to return your unit to service. In a planned outage, we can assist your maintenance team with any needed supplemental skills. The bottom line...
We Know Generators.

Maintaining, repairing and overhauling generators is what we do every day. As a result, we know what an imminent or potential problem looks like when we see it. Since our founding in 1917, we've gained the experience and data needed to accurately judge a failure and assess its potential for successful repair. Our goal is finding the best option for you, even when it means saving your unit from the junk yard.

Dealing With TILs & OMMs or Chronic Machine Problems?

Below is a partial list of our successfully engineered solutions addressing various OEM TILs and OMMs:

  • rotor tooth-top cracking and dovetail cracking
  • rotor turn insulation migration
  • J-strap and pole-to-pole crossover failures
  • Stator core damage
  • Partial discharge and vibration sparking
  • Stator end turn vibration
  • Girth cracking

The bottom line...

We Know Generators.

Generators can experience problems indicated by a baffling combination of electrical and mechanical symptoms. NEC remains current on all current OEM repair and maintenance bulletins. In some cases, our identification and analyses of significant problems and our development of successful repairs has lead the industry, not followed it.

Specialized Engineering Solutions™ (SESs)
NEC's SESs address our engineered solutions for known generator problems and failure modes. Visit out online library.
Technical Maintenance Memos™ (TMMs)
NEC's TMMs offer recommendations and tips for improving your generator maintenance practices in specific areas. Visit out online library.
"Top Ten Reasons Generators Fail" Engineer's Flip-Books
These handy spiral bound notebooks fit in a shirt pocket for easy field reference, available for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Contact NEC Service Management for more information.
International Generator Technical Community (IGTC)
Engineers can participate in the worldwide generator forum, as well as access the Community's IGTC Resource Center with its "Generator Evaluation Memos" and other generator-oriented information for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Find this site at NEC is a founding member of this site and contributes funding and expertise as a gift to the worldwide engineering community.