Engineering Reliable Performance

Because NEC has no vested interest in the original design, we can provide our customers with a highly-optimized solution.

Today budgets are tightly crafted and expenses closely monitored, so our clients depend on us to lower operating costs and to improve performance, efficiency and reliability with solutions that align with their immediate and long-term business goals.

NEC focuses on generator repair and retrofit designs, so we have extensive knowledge of specific generators and their individual characteristics and documented liabilities. Because NEC has no vested interest in the original design, we can provide our customers with a more fully optimized solution.

Performance analysis and strategic service points are the keys to longevity of generators and leveraging opportunities to improve them are where we excel. With every rewind or repair, our goal is to discover every opportunity to increase the lifetime return on investment (ROI) for your generator.

NEC Data and Field Notes Resource

For decades, NEC has amassed over 28,000 pages of detailed data and field notes on generators of different brands and models from around the world. This resource provides detailed technical specifications and performance criteria. This data, coupled with the technician’s field notes documenting real world performance, provides
an accurate picture to assess similar generators.

With this resource, we have engineered specific solutions that address known generator characteristics and liabilities, and in many cases, we’ve improved their performance and reliability.

Best-In-Class Engineering Capabilities

Focus for nearly a century has refined our engineering processes and created an extensive, systemic library of knowledge, with documented, proactive approaches and known, effective solutions for your generator
unlike any other solutions provider.

Our engineering services include preventative/predictive maintenance, planning/scheduling, and a long-term predictable forecast of your asset and operating costs.

    • Uprate studies
    • Life extension studies
    • Performance Criteria Isolation Studies
    • Failure Analysis
    • Re-engineering Design
Specialized Engineering Solutions™ (SESs)
NEC's SESs address our engineered solutions for known generator problems and failure modes. Visit out online library.
Technical Maintenance Memos™ (TMMs)
NEC's TMMs offer recommendations and tips for improving your generator maintenance practices in specific areas. Visit out online library.
"Top Ten Reasons Generators Fail" Engineer's Flip-Books
These handy spiral bound notebooks fit in a shirt pocket for easy field reference, available for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Contact NEC Service Management for more information.
International Generator Technical Community (IGTC)
Engineers can participate in the worldwide generator forum, as well as access the Community's IGTC Resource Center with its "Generator Evaluation Memos" and other generator-oriented information for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Find this site at NEC is a founding member of this site and contributes funding and expertise as a gift to the worldwide engineering community.