Striving to Meet Customer Expectations

NEC takes its relationships with its customers and their expectations seriously. To rest on our laurels is to miss an opportunity for improvement.

Every project NEC undertakes, begins with an outage, planned and unplanned. Few projects are minor and most encompass technical complexities, economic issues and a number of inner-dependent customer goals that any aspect of our work must always keep in sight. How we as a company and our employees as individuals work in the best interests of our customers is at the heart of NEC's Quality Policy, and it drives every aspect of what we do during the course of a project:

National Electric Coil is dedicated to being a first class supplier of electrical equipment and service to its customers. We continue to strive to exceed customer expections every time for in QUALITY, PRICING, and ON TIME DELIVERIES. National Electric Coil will continue to invest significant resources to achieving one goal, "Customer Satisfaction is No. 1."

More on NEC's ISO 9001-certified Quality Management Systems.

The Results

Below are a few comments quoted from our customers. To protect their privacy and their commercial interests, these are necessarily presented unattributed, however, references and related information specific to your upcoming project can be provided upon request. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

  • "Thank you all for your effort on this project. As you know, there were a lot of challenges on this rewind. You guys did a great job working through and overcoming the difficulties. I’ve really appreciated the level of communication that has been consistent throughout."
  • "I just had to let you know after talking with (name removed) and (name removed), that your guys were terrific during the outage...also the invoicing went smoothly after we got the hang of it. Please give your guys and yourselves a pat on the back for all the hard work."
  • "...the generator stator rewind team did an outstanding job on-site. Their workmanship, productivity, safety, and working relationship received praises from many observers."
In-Process Checks a Must!
At every step of our manufacturing process, quality checks are made to assure the best workmanship. NEC's Brownsville factory utilizes ISO9001-certified quality management systems.
Every Coil or Bar Tested!
Every coil and bar undergoes both in-process testing and final testing before it leaves the factory. These "tests" include both specified electrical tests, as well as various dimensional checks and flow checks for inner-liquid and -gas cooled bars.
Uniform Shape Assured!
A coil or bar must be uniformly shaped in order to wind the machine properly and to avoid problems that may initiate corona during operation. Dummy cores are used to check critical clearances in the end turns and overall fit in the stator core. Multiple checks are made at different stages of manufacture.