G709 Seminar on Advanced Generator Reliability Improvements & Troubleshooting

Course Covers Generator Stators, Rotors & Auxiliaries

Each year National Electric Coil and HPC Technical Services join forces to put together a week-long, comprehensive advanced generator seminar. This 4-½-day course was developed to bring plant managers, engineering managers, maintenance managers, operators and technical staff up to date on skills needed to better troubleshoot generator problems, including those encountered during operation, and those encountered during maintenance outages.

Doing more with less money and fewer personnel is the growing challenge for power plant management. So when performance and efficiency fall off or when an alarm or trip happens, knowledge is the key to minimizing machine damage, budget trauma and unscheduled down time.

Opportunity to Learn from Industry Experts, Highly-Experienced Problem-Solvers

Attendees will have access to the most up-to-date and practical information they will need to develop their own programs of “best practices” for technical problem-solving and long-term reliability of their generator assets. Each of the 16 technical presenters has more than 20 years experience in the industry and brings both hands-on knowledge and technical problem-solving skills to their topics ranging from machine design, stator and rotor maintenance issues; effective asset management and best practices, and the understanding of machine failure modes. Click to DOWNLOAD PDF summarizing details on presentation topics, presenters and how to register for this seminar. This course also awards Continuing Education Units. Click to access Individual online registration forms. For special and group rates, please call the HPC conference registrar, Yolaine Parker at +1 947-747-7733, extension 110.

G709 Instructors Mark Crittenden, National Electric Coil Russell Chetwynd, National Electric Coil Jamie Clark, AGT Services Michael Hicks, E-One André Tetrault, VibroSysM Blake Lloyd, IRIS Power Engineering Thomas Cunningham, PE, EME Associates Mike Davis, Machine Monitor Stephen Parker, HPC Services Ron Rubrecht, Turbine Diagnostics Thomas Bauer, Phd, SvoBaTech Jane Hutt, International Generator Technical Community Wayne Hartman, Beckwith Electric Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil David Albright, Generatortech John McPhearson, Letrodryer Yolaine Parker, HPC Services Hal Parker, HPC Services David Albright, Generatortech
We thank our participating presenters for their time and assistance in providing our students with a quality technical seminar. To find out more about the companies they represent, please click on their pictures.
Row 1: (L to R) Mark Crittenden, National Electric Coil; Russell Chetwynd, National Electric Coil; André Tetrault, VibroSysM; Thomas Cunningham, PE, EME Associates; Jamie Clark, AGT Services; Michael Hicks, E-One.
Row2: (L to R) Hal Parker, HPC Services; Mike Davis, Machine Monitor; Stephen Parker, HPC Services; Ron Rubrecht, Turbine Diagnostics; Thomas Bauer, SvoBaTech; Jane Hutt, International Generator Technical Community.
Row 3: (L to R) Wayne Hartmann, Beckwith Electric; Blake Lloyd, Iris Power Engineering; Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil; David Albright, Generatortech; John McPhearson, Lectrodryer; Yolaine Parker, HPC Services.

Each day of the seminar provides extensive opportunities for both learning and technical discussions.

Below is the basic course agenda:
Day 1
• Secrets of Generator Design & Construction
• Understanding Generator Performance Curves & Winding Diagrams
• Protecting Your Generator - Relay Protection Demystified!
• Generator Troubleshooting & Problem Solving Case History Discussions
Day 2
• Generator Troubleshooting & Problem Solving Case History Discussions
• Visual Inspection & Testing Techniques to Identify Stator Winding Problems
• Diagnosing Stator Winding PD Issues
• Identifying and Reducing High Stator End Winding Vibration
• Understanding Bump Testing & Improving Winding Dynamics
• Walk - In Clinic Q & A
Day 3
• Emergency Response to Generator Failures
• Generator Vibration Diagnostics & Rotor Thermal Sensitivity Problems
• Detecting Rotor Shorted Turns - Troubleshooting Issues with your flux probe
• Understanding Rotor Cycling and Fatigue to Prevent Failures
• Solving Generator Bushing Issues
• Generator Core Meltdown Case Histories - What Can We Learn?

Day 4
• Why is There Oil in My Generator & What Should I Do About It?
• Stator Cooling Water Chemistry Problems & Solutions
• Responding to Water Cooled Stator Winding Leaks
• Putting Together a Sound Preventive Maintenance Program
• Fast Gas Purging — Addressing Hydrogen Gas Dryer Reliability issues
• Preventing Stator Core Failures
• Generator Troubleshooting & Problem Solving Case History Discussions
Day 5 (half day)
• The IGTC - Your Resource for Any Generator Question
• Documentation Methods to Improve Your Troubleshooting Efforts
• The Most Common Generator Failures & How They Can Be Prevented
• Root Cause Analysis Methods and Techniques

DOWNLOAD PDF summarizing details on presentation topics, presenters and how to register for this seminar.